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Kinky Dogging couples seek sex contacts.

Men wanted with voyeuristic tendencies to watch naughty couples having sex on public car parks all over Britain.

NawtyCouple, 42 from Gillingham, Kent

My wife fantasizes about going dogging

Now I know there are thousands of bored and lonely wives in the UK who would love to try casual sex and especially dogging. I have been a dogger for many years now and thoroughly enjoy myself when ever I attend a dogging meet, Since I married I have tried to tone down the amount of time I spend dogging as my new wife has never had sex in public never mind attended a dogging meet, All was going well, I was keeping my wife satisfied and still managing to slip away from my wife from time to time to have fun dogging, that was until I got back one night earlier than expected, I slipped into the house because I wanted to surprise my wife, but it was me who had the surprise, my wife was sitting at the computer, her knickers where lying on the floor and she had her hand between her legs playing with her pussy, she was sitting watching a video of a woman sucking two guy’s off at a dogging meet, I stood there mesmerised for a couple of minutes then she suddenly turned and saw me, she quickly pulled her shirt down and turned the computer off, she was bright red with embarrassment then ran upstairs sobbing.

I went after her and told her every thing was ok, I said I was glad I had found out about her fantasy and she should have told me before so we could share her kinky thoughts and have some fun, we ended up shagging and after she told me all about her fantasy to try dogging, well who would have thought it My wife fantasizes about dogging, and here am I doing just that. I took my wife to the next dogging meet I found on this site, of cause I didn’t tell her I had been to many dogging meets in the past. She had the best time ever fucking me in our car the watching other wives walking around in Basques and stockings sucking off any man who was up for a blowjob.

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